A collection of articles for parents of preschoolers, elementary school students, secondary school students, and college age students. Includes articles on topics such as peer pressure and school safety as well as homeschooling, public schools vs. private schools, and pros and cons of uniforms. Learn about preparing your child for school, what to expect when you child starts school and about assisting your child in post-secondary education choices.

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Private Schools Pros and Cons Private schools and public schools have advantages and disadvantages. When comparing public school vs. private school weigh the pros and cons of both. This article also reviews the pros and cons of private boarding schools. Read more - Private Schools Pros and Cons
Why Be a School Volunteer Every school has volunteer activities and programs you can participate in. Find out what you can do and how to get involved in school volunteer programs. We'll also tell you how to start a volunteer program in your child's school. Read more - Why Be a School Volunteer
What is Peer Pressure By definition peer pressure is influencing another person's decisions. Peer pressure is not always negative. Keep reading to learn more about negative peer pressure, positive peer pressure, and controlling peer pressure for better choices. Read more - What is Peer Pressure
Starting A Preschool Group Starting A Preschool Group: In this article you will find preschooling tips, curriculum ideas, education resources, and fun activities that will help make your preschool group a success. Start your preschool with these tips! Read more - Starting A Preschool Group
Funding a Private School Education Find out how to fund your child's private school education, including education scholarships, financial aid option, school vouchers, education tax credits and K-12 student loans. Paying for private school doesn't have to break the bank! Read more - Funding a Private School Education
Public Library Services Not Just Books: Public Library Services - Libraries offer many services you many not be aware of, like promoting community outreach programs and events. Keep reading to find out more about services public libraries offer. Read more - Public Library Services
Public School vs Home School Public School or Home School, Which is Right for You? Our comparison of public school versus home school may help you decide the best option for your child. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of public vs. home school. Read more - Public School vs Home School
Moving Your Child to a New School Moving your child to a new school can be a big decision. Moving? Switching from home school to public school? Has your child been accepted at a new private or charter school? Here are tips to make moving your child to a new school go smoothly. Read more - Moving Your Child to a New School
Creating Extra Curricular Activities There are a variety of ways to expand extracurricular activity opportunities at a private school. A good first step is to identify the kinds of extracurricular activities that are desired, and we provide some popular choices for you to consider. When you know what you want, our tips for get the extracurricular activities up and running can help. Read more - Creating Extra Curricular Activities
Start College Classes While in High School For some students, starting college classes while in high school can enrich the high school experience. High school students may be able to take classes at the local college or university, either on campus or through online education classes. This article provides an overview.
Read more - Start College Classes While in High School
School Counselors and Students with Special Needs School counselors can serve a variety of students with special needs, assisting students who are gifted and talented, migrant students, and students with learning disabilities. There are also specially trained special education counselors in some states.
Read more - School Counselors and Students with Special Needs
Independence: The First Day of School The first day of school can be scary for a child and stressful for parents. The child has a new routine and new people to get used to. Help prepare your child for the first day of school by teaching independence. Read more - Independence: The First Day of School
The Gifted Student Because many do not agree on the definition of a gifted student, it is difficult both to identify the gifted student and get the gifted student the services that will help him or her grow to full potential. Learn how to support gifted students. Read more - The Gifted Student
Changes to Expect When Your Child Starts School Starting school means several changes in a child's life. Even the start of homeschooling brings change. This article gives information on what changes to expect when your child starts school, and how to handle the changes. Read more - Changes to Expect When Your Child Starts School
Choosing a Private School Choosing a private school can be a difficult decision. Parents need to know what questions to ask when choosing a private school to make sure the private school will be a good fit and meet their child's educational needs. Read more - Choosing a Private School
Questions to Ask About Private Schools Do you know what questions to ask when considering private schools? Here are some questions to help you make a reasoned decision about a private school that meets your and your child’s educational, developmental, and financial needs. Read more - Questions to Ask About Private Schools
Types of Private Schools There are a number of different ways to consider the types of private schools that may be a good fit for your child. Here are some ways to categorize and consider your choice of types of private schools. Read more - Types of Private Schools
Preparing Your Child: Communication Preparing your child for school means more than preparing them for math and reading. They need communication skills as well. This article explains how knowing communication conventions will help your child be prepared for school. Read more - Preparing Your Child: Communication
Preparing Your Child: Social Skills Preparing your child for school means more than preparing them to learn certain subjects. The social environment at school is likely to be different from home. This article provides tips on preparing your child socially for attending school. Read more - Preparing Your Child: Social Skills
Preparing Your Child for School: Science It’s possible to prepare your child well for school science experiences without specialized equipment or curriculum. Find tips on how to prepare your child to start thinking scientifically before they start school in this article. Read more - Preparing Your Child for School: Science
Preparing Your Child For: Math Preparing your child for math can be fun and easy. This article has tips on preparing your child for counting, dividing, comparing, sorting, and measuring. Exposure to all of the these skills can help prepare your child for studying math in school. Read more - Preparing Your Child For: Math
Preparing Your Child: Reading Preparing your child for reading is important. Students who are ready to read have an advantage when they start school. Get tips on how to get your child interested in reading and prepare him or her to participate in a school reading curriculum. Read more - Preparing Your Child: Reading
Financial Aid Options for College As part of your application for college, you may be filing a financial aid application. Wondering what scholarships, loans, or grants are available? Find out about financial aid options are available for students headed to college in this article. Read more - Financial Aid Options for College
Private School Applications Private schools require students to submit applications. Applications are a key way private schools get to know prospective students and their families. Find out more about the process of private school applications in this article. Read more - Private School Applications
Private School Interviews Private school interviews are typically part of the application process. To enroll in a private school a student submits an application and participates in an interview. Follow our helpful hints for a successful private school interview. Read more - Private School Interviews
What Is an Education Consultant An education consultant, or certified education planner, assists a family in making educational decisions. Find out what benefits an education consultant can provide and information on choosing an education consultant in this article. Read more - What Is an Education Consultant
Simple Educational Card Games Simple educational card games can teach important skills for school. While playing educational games you can teach numeracy skills, matching, counting, comparing, social skills, and manners. This article explains how to teach and play. Read more - Simple Educational Card Games
What is ADHD ADHD is an acronym for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Learn how ADHD is diagnosed in this article. Become familiar with the three ADHD variants, and the roles of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity in ADHD.
Read more - What is ADHD
More about ADHD This article continues from "What is ADHD?" and provides more information about ADHD including statistics, effects of ADHD, and treatment of ADHD. Get information and facts on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Read more - More about ADHD
What is an IEP The Individualized Education Program, familiarly called the IEP, provides individual support to students with special needs to obtain their education goals. This includes students with learning disabilities, gifted and talented students, etc.
Read more - What is an IEP
What is a Boarding School A boarding school is an academic setting that includes education, room, and board,  for at least some students. There may also be day students, who travel to and from the campus on a daily basis, as well as the students who board at the school. Read more - What is a Boarding School
Choosing a School Fundraiser Choosing appropriate school fundraisers for your school community is an important decision. What are your fundraising options? This article has information and resources for organizing a school fundraiser for your public or private school. Read more - Choosing a School Fundraiser
What are Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities (LD) are a set of neurological disorders that affect the brain's ability to process information in one or more areas. Keep reading to learn about specific learning disabilities and the differences between learning disabilities and other disorders. Read more - What are Learning Disabilities
Starting School With Special Needs Early intervention is key to education when a student is starting school with special needs. Keep reading to find out about identifying children with special needs and how to help a student with special needs succeed when starting school. Read more - Starting School With Special Needs
School Bullying Has your child encountered a bully? School bullying can vary in severity from name-calling to violence. This article contains statistics on bullies. Keep reading to find more facts about school bullying and what you can do to prevent bullying. Read more - School Bullying
Learning Games for Preschoolers Learning games for preschoolers can help prepare children for school. This article introduces games that can be played without requiring any set-up or materials as well as those that require materials or equipment, all designed for preschool education. Read more - Learning Games for Preschoolers
Summer Reading Program Summer reading programs offer children the opportunity to maintain and improve their reading skills and further their reading education. Summer reading programs are often sponsored by libraries, bookstores, and government agencies. Read more - Summer Reading Program
Special Education FAQ Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on special education are addressed in this article. Answers address what special education is, who provides it, and who is eligible for special education. These FAQs focus on federally-funded special education programs. Read more - Special Education FAQ
After School Programs After school programs are designed to provide safety and educational opportunities for students. This article reviews the benefits of after school programs, as well as types of after school programs. Read more - After School Programs
What is Brain Injury Medically, brain injury refers to any kind of injury to the brain. There are two overarching types of brain injury.  This article offers information on both types, effects of brain injury, and brain injury and special education. Read more - What is Brain Injury
More About Brain Injury Our last article had information on types of brain injuries. This article has more about brain injury. Keep reading to learn about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) symptoms, initial treatment, preventing brain injury, and brain injury statistics. Read more - More About Brain Injury
Behavior Contracts and Emotional Disturbance Emotional Disturbance (ED) is an overarching term that can refer to both emotional and behavioral disturbances Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance is sometimes abbreviated EBD. This article is about emotional disturbance and the use of behavior contracts and behavior plans to assist in education. Read more - Behavior Contracts and Emotional Disturbance
What is Autism Autistic Disorder of Autism Disorder is one of three disorders on the Autism Spectrum and one of the five disorders that make up the Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). This article has information on possible signs of autism and treatment options for autism. Read more - What is Autism
Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation helps people with disabilities or injuries and those who are unemployed get the vocational training, education, and vocational skills they need to find employment. Read on to learn more about vocational rehabilitation. Read more - Vocational Rehabilitation
College Student Credit Cards College student credit card information - details on what to look for in a college student credit card, debt warning signs, and tips on using your credit card. Learn how to build, establish, or repair credit with a student credit card... Read more - College Student Credit Cards
Private Schools vs. Charter Schools First article in series on school comparisons - private schools vs. charter schools. Find the characteristics of each and pros/cons. Is a charter school or private school right for your child? Also view statistics on charter and private schools. Read more - Private Schools vs. Charter Schools
School Violence School violence is a problem in both public and private schools. In this article you can find school violence statistics, more about types of school violence, and causes of school violence. Help prevent and stop school violence. Read more - School Violence
Public Schools vs. Charter Schools This article explains the relationship of public schools and charter schools. If you are considering sending your child to a public or charter school, read this article to learn more about public schools in general and charter schools in particular. Read more - Public Schools vs. Charter Schools
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a piece of bipartisan education reform that was proposed by President George W. Bush during his first week in office, and passed by Congress on January 8, 2002. Read this article to learn more about this important law. Read more - No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Hooked on Phonics This Hooked on Phonics review helps you consider whether to use this product in helping your children learn to read. Will Hooked on Phonics give your children an edge in reading? Is it worth the price? This review may help you decide.
Read more - Hooked on Phonics
Public Schools vs. Private Schools Third in our school comparison series on Public Schools versus Private Schools. If you are having difficulty deciding between sending your child to a public school or a private school, this article has information to assist with your decision. Read more - Public Schools vs. Private Schools
Year Round School Statistics How widespread is year round school? This article has information on year round school statistics for K-12 schools nationwide. The year round school statistics for the United States and beyond may surprise you. Read more - Year Round School Statistics
Public School vs. Christian School How do Christian schools compare to public schools? If you are trying to decide between public school versus a Christian school then this article can help. Find pros and cons of both Christian and public schools here. Read more - Public School vs. Christian School
Preparing for ACT The ACT is a college admission and placement examination. This article provides tips about ways to prepare for the ACT exam.  It lists information about preparation techniques and the testing regimen, as well as training and tutoring opportunities.
Read more - Preparing for ACT
Preparing for SAT The SAT may refer to the SAT Reasoning Test, which covers critical reading, mathematics, and writing, or the SAT Subject Tests, offered in a variety of fields. This article will review what you need to prepare for the various SAT exams. Read more - Preparing for SAT
Pros of Homeschooling There are many things to consider when deciding whether to homeschool. In this article we will review the pros of homeschooling. Another article will review the cons of homeschooling. Then you can decide if homeschooling is best for you. Read more - Pros of Homeschooling
Cons of Homeschooling Homeschooling can be a rewarding experience for families. We recently reviewed the pros of homeschooling; this article details the cons of homeschooling. Consider both the pros and cons of homeschooling before deciding. Read more - Cons of Homeschooling
Sex Education How should sex education be handled? What should the content of sex education include? Should sex education be taught in school? What age should sex education be taught?  This article addresses these questions. Read more - Sex Education
Advanced Placement Tests Advanced Placement (AP) subjects are offered in most high schools, and the AP tests are therefore offered as well . This article reviews the AP test subjects, advanced placement test scoring, and the pros and cons of advanced placement exams/tests. Read more - Advanced Placement Tests
Online Safety The Internet can be a great education tool for students, but it is important to ensure online safety. This article offers tips to parents and teachers about online safety and how to keep children safe while online. Read more - Online Safety
Reading Programs There are several different types of reading programs that can be used to teach students to read. This article contains information on phonics and whole language reading programs, as well as information on a joint approach that draws on both. Read more - Reading Programs
Magnet Schools Magnet schools are one of the many choices available to parents in some areas for their child’s education. A magnet school is a public school with a specific focus, such as science or performing arts. Read more about magnet schools in this article.
Read more - Magnet Schools
Charter Schools Many parents want more choices in their children’s education, and charter schools are a relatively recent innovation in public schools meant to address that concern.  The pros and cons to charter schools are explored in this article. Read more - Charter Schools
What Are Perceptual Disabilities? Perceptual disabilities are one of the types of learning disorders or learning disabilities. Because they are intimately connected with learning, they are often discussed, diagnosed, and treated in connection with the child’s school environment. This article provides a basic overview of perceptual disabilities.
Read more - What Are Perceptual Disabilities?
Learning Styles There are many different learning styles. This article has information on auditory, visual, and tactile learners as well as the concept of multiple intelligences. Keep reading for more on learning styles.
Read more - Learning Styles
Find Scholarships There are many types of scholarships available. Finding scholarships can be difficult, but this article will inform you about types of scholarships, how to look for scholarships, and places to look to find scholarships, making your search easier.
Read more - Find Scholarships
Concurrent Enrollment There are several different types of opportunities for concurrent enrollment of high school students in college courses. This article will review some of the most popular options for concurrent enrollment to help you see which might fit your needs. Read more - Concurrent Enrollment
Study Habits It pretty much goes without saying that good study habits are important to success in high school and college. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to acquire. How do you develop good study habits? Read on for some hints. Read more - Study Habits
College Books College books are a part of the cost of going to college. This article has information on purchasing your college books at the college bookstore or purchasing your college books online. Keep reading for tips on getting your college books. Read more - College Books
College Resume Going to college? This article has information on writing and submitting college resumes as part of your application. Also included are tips on getting started on your college resume, what to include, and format options for your college resume. Read more - College Resume
Charter Schools vs. Magnet Schools Charter schools and magnet schools are similar in some ways and different in others. This article defines what a magnet school is and what a charter school is, and compares the popularity of charter schools vs. magnet schools.
Read more - Charter Schools vs. Magnet Schools
Year Round School Debate As with other changes from “the good old days,” the idea of year round school scheduling has its share of proponents and opponents. To find out what makes some eager for year round school and others reject the idea, keep reading. Read more - Year Round School Debate
Public School Ratings Public school ratings are an important element of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. This article has an overview of public school ratings, examples of school plans, and statistics on public school ratings. Read more - Public School Ratings
Gifted Education This article defines gifted education and has information on how gifted children are identified, meeting the needs of a gifted child, and effects on gifted education of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Read more - Gifted Education
Kindergarten Reading This article has information on the IRA/NCTE standards that apply to kindergarten reading.  Also included in the article are reading activities for kindergarten-age students, whether they attend public, private or home-based schools. Read more - Kindergarten Reading
Advantages of Public Schools When comparing homeschools, private schools, and public schools, it is important to look at the pros and cons of all of them. This article reviews the advantages of public schools compared to private schools or homeschools. Read more - Advantages of Public Schools
Motor Learning Motor learning can be used to both acquire new skills and in rehabilitation. Student use motor learning in early grades as they learn to write and use scissors, for example, and throughout school in physical education classes. This article explains. Read more - Motor Learning
Earth Science and Natural Resources Science Projec This article contains ideas for science projects about Earth Science and natural resources. Project ideas can be used for 1st-4th grade, 5th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade students looking for an Earch Science project for a science fair. Read more - Earth Science and Natural Resources Science Projec
College Savings Plans College savings plans can be a useful way to invest in your child's future. This article describes types of college saving plans, such as; prepaid tuition plans, Roth IRAs, 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA), and more,
Read more - College Savings Plans
Standardized Tests: Overview In this standardized tests overview we will present the pros and cons of the ongoing standardized testing debate. Keep reading for information on different types of standardized tests and the debate about standardized tests. Read more - Standardized Tests: Overview
Teaching Methods There are many different teaching methods. Finding the teaching method you prefer can be difficult. This article describes several teaching method options. Keep reading for more information on teaching methods. Read more - Teaching Methods
Cooperative Learning This article defines and explains cooperative learning and provides information on how cooperative learning groups are formed, the pros and cons of cooperative learning, and tips on cooperative learning. Read more - Cooperative Learning
Collaborative Learning Collaborative learning and cooperative learning are popular teaching methods. This article explains traditional types of collaborative learning styles, tips on collaborative learning in the classroom, and ways to use technology and collaborative learning. Read more - Collaborative Learning
Year Round School Overview This article discusses options that are available when considering a year round school schedule, including single track and multiple track schedules and how the year round school schedule changes the school calendar. Read more - Year Round School Overview
Kindergarten History This article discusses how history is taught in kindergarten. It explains the areas that are considered fundamental to the understanding of history, including time, place, culture, family, and stories. It also provides sources for teaching culture.
Read more - Kindergarten History
Direct Instruction Direct instruction is one of many methods for educational instruction. In this article, you can learn more about what direct instruction is and the different types of direct instruction used in classroom instruction. Read more - Direct Instruction
Declarative Learning Declarative learning refers to what we know, as opposed to motor learning and procedural learning, which are about what we can do. This article discusses the importance of declarative learning, different ways of knowing things, and how declarative learning works.  Read more - Declarative Learning
Preschool Online Preschool online materials can be a great educational start for preschool age kids. This article discusses online safety and educational elements to look for in your search for online preschool materials. Useful online resources are also included. Read more - Preschool Online
School Accreditation School accreditation is a big issue in both the public and private sector. Learn more about what accredited schools are and how to find them. Also, see how school accreditation can affect your education and employment goals. Read more - School Accreditation
Against Homeschool What are some of the arguments against homeschool instruction? This article looks at some of the “cons” in the arguments and explains the thinking behind them. Even if you're pro homeschools, it can be useful to see what others are thinking. Read on to learn more... Read more - Against Homeschool
Core Curriculum Core curriculum is a college curriculum that has several important features: students take the same courses, read the same texts, and gain a common knowledge-base. The text and courses chosen for this experience illustrate the material that the institution has decided is central to the undergraduate experience. To learn more about core curriculum, keep reading. Read more - Core Curriculum
Kindergarten Math If you’re looking for ways to support your public or private school kindergartner in learning math, or formulating your own homeschool math curriculum, you’ll find useful information in this article. Read on to learn about all the different elements of kindergarten math. Read more - Kindergarten Math
Speech Synthesis This speech synthesis article explainswhat speech synthesis is and how speech software and speech text are used. Also learn more about the origination and history of speech synthesis worldwide. Read more - Speech Synthesis
Student Support Student support is an important consideration for any new college student. Read this article to learn about student support relating to health, finances, course selection, multicultural student support, and navigating the campus and the university's website. Read more - Student Support
Christian Schools One could categorize Christian schools into three groups: private sectarian Christian schools affiliated with a particular denomination; private Christian schools that embrace Christianity broadly; and homeschools that reflect the Christian beliefs of their participants. This article provides an overview of Christian schools. Read more - Christian Schools
Stranger Danger Child safety is something most people worry about. Read this article to learn more about stranger danger and why the often repeated message (Don't Talk to Strangers) may not be keeping your child safe. What are the cons of stranger danger? Read more - Stranger Danger
Lunchbox and Sack Lunch Ideas Packing a lunchbox or sack lunch gives parents more control over what their children eat, allows them to respect dietary restrictions and allergies, and can help children learn about healthy food and feel in touch with home while they are at school. Read on for healthy lunch ideas.
Read more - Lunchbox and Sack Lunch Ideas
Student Jobs Read this article to get more information on student job opportunities, what types of jobs are good for students, and some basics on where to start looking for a job if you are a student.
Read more - Student Jobs
Elementary School Safety In this elementary school safety article many common safety rules that parents, students, faculty, and staff should all be aware of. are discussed. Learn about safety in an emergency, dealing with family issues, violence, bullying, hate crimes, and more. Read more - Elementary School Safety
Middle School Safety This middle school safety article focuses on safety in transportation, privacy issues, family issues, violence and theft, and safety in regard to bullying and sexual harassment by middle schoolers. Read more - Middle School Safety
High School Safety High school students are old enough to take on a greater measure of responsibility for keeping themselves safe. This article touches on some of the safety issues high school students face and some of the approaches they can take to stay safe. Read more - High School Safety
Bookmobile Bookmobile services are offered in many rural areas where library services and library books are often not available. Read this article for the history of the bookmobile and learn how bookmobiles have developed due to changes in technology. Read more - Bookmobile
School Bus Safety School bus safety involves the cooperation of a large number of people: the bus driver; each rider; pedestrians and bikers who move in and around the bus, and other drivers. The bus itself is another crucial factor. This article details some of the elements that contribute to school bus safety. Read more - School Bus Safety
Reading to Children Reading to children has a wide range of benefits and is considered by educators to be of such great importance that it is pretty universally recommended as one of the most important things parents can do for their children. This article discusses the benefits and some approaches to reading to children. Read more - Reading to Children
How to Find a Preschool Searching for a preschool can be more complicated that you might expect. Admissions policies may mean that you have to seek a school well in advance, in some cases, hunting for a school for a child who is only a year old. Second, preschool tuition can be tens of thousands of dollars in some areas, New York City, for example. This article will help clarify the realm of the preschool search. Read more - How to Find a Preschool
Dyslexia Learning Disability "Dyslexia" means “poor language,” and dyslexia is a particular type of learning disability. This article provides an overview of the learning disability called dyslexia. Keep reading to learn  more about the definition of dyslexia and how it can affect the education of children and teens who have it. Read more - Dyslexia Learning Disability
School Library A school library is a library that is housed within an elementary, middle, or high school. Many towns and cities have school libraries in addition to public libraries. This article provides some basic information about what one can expect in a school library. Read more - School Library
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education, abbreviated ECE, refers to educational programs for young children. In some cases, it refers to children who are not yet legally required to be in school, and in this case it may be called preschool education or prekindergarten education. This article reviews the basics of Early Childhood Education. Read more - Early Childhood Education
Preschool Curriculum Preschool curriculum can be very diverse, ranging from the basics to intensive foreign language immersion. This article is an overview of basic preschool curriculum types and some tips for learning more about other, more intensive, curriculum options. Read more - Preschool Curriculum
College Library A college library is a standard facility for the undergraduate students at a college or university. This article gives an overview of today’s college library. A college library may have other important sections, but this article reviews some of the main ones. Read more - College Library
Ready for Kindergarten Getting ready for kindergarten means not only preparing to address the kindergarten school curriculum, but - for students who attend a public or private school - also the social and emotional demands of kindergarten. Learn more here. Read more - Ready for Kindergarten
Preschool Readiness When considering preschool readiness, there are a number of things to consider. Read this article for preschool readiness tips to help you determine if/when your child is ready. Early childhood programs differ from state-to-state. Get more information here. Read more - Preschool Readiness
Free Coloring Worksheets Free coloring worksheets for kids are used in families and by educators.  Some people are greatly in favor of coloring pages for kids, while others are opposed. This article offers both sides as well as sources for free coloring pictures. Read more - Free Coloring Worksheets
Preparing Students for College Student preparation for college begins long before junior year admissions testing and applications.  This article provides some information about seven important things students can do to prepare for college. Read more - Preparing Students for College
Why Have School Fundraisers Why have a school fundraiser? There are many reasons that prompt a school community to raise funds. This article lays out seven of the top reasons to have a school fundraiser. Read more - Why Have School Fundraisers
Types of School Fund Raisers There are many different approaches that can raise funds for a school. This article provides a number of ideas for a variety of types of school fundraiser, some one-shot and others ongoing. Read more - Types of School Fund Raisers
What Is School Ranking? School ranking is carried out by various organizations in order to allow parents and others to judge and compare the quality of schools. This articles explains the basics of school ranking. Read more - What Is School Ranking?
Secular vs. Sectarian Schools One way of categorizing kinds of schools is by whether they are secular (sometimes called non-sectarian) or sectarian. This article explains some of the key differences. Read more - Secular vs. Sectarian Schools
Private Preschool vs. Public Preschool Why do people prefer private or public preschools? Here is some information on the pros and cons of private and public preschools for your child. Read more - Private Preschool vs. Public Preschool
Summer Camp Summer camp is a great option for parents looking for a quality educational experience for their child during the summer before the next school year. Summer camp is not only educational, but is often considered a growing experience for kids of all ages. Read more - Summer Camp
Bilingual Education Bilingual education (aka Dual Language Immersion or Bilingual Immersion) is becoming more popular in the U.S.. Many parents and students are seeking schools that offer a ESL (English as a Second Language) and bilingual education opportunities. Learn what bilingual education opportunities are available here. Read more - Bilingual Education
Early Childhood Education Statistics This article includes early childhood education statistics for preschool children taught by their parents and those involved in early childhood education program. These statistics from the U.S. Department of Education Institute offer insight to the pros and cons of both forms of early childhood education. Read more - Early Childhood Education Statistics