A collection of articles on various levels of homeschool and appropriate curriculum for them, as well as for important elementary and secondary homeschool subject areas, including social studies, health and nutrition, English, art, foreign language, math, reading, science, spelling, and more.

Homeschool Curriculum Articles

Beginning the Search for Homeschool Curriculum Beginning the search for homeschool curriculum may be a daunting task.This article provides information on searching for homeschooling curriculum resources and tips on where to find state curriculum resources for homeschoolers. Read more - Beginning the Search for Homeschool Curriculum
Creating Homeschool Lesson Plans Creating homeschool lesson plans from a homeschool curriculum may require some thought. This article provides tips on how to create lesson plans for homeschooling that help meet your curricular goals, and a format for homeschool lesson plans. Read more - Creating Homeschool Lesson Plans
Homeschool Activities Looking for homeschool activities? Keep your children excited about learning and education with activities that extend the curriculum. This article has great ideas for reading, math, and science activities for homeschoolers. Read more - Homeschool Activities
Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum Getting started with homeschool curriculum can be challenging, but there are ways to make it easier. Wondering how to take the first steps in putting together a homeschool curriculum? This article will help you get started. Read more - Getting Started With Homeschool Curriculum
Homeschool Art Homeschool art can be a challenge. This article provides first steps in planning your homeschool art curriculum, including information on using the national standards in planning homeschool art curriculum. Keep reading for more homeschool art. Read more - Homeschool Art
Homeschool History This article covers steps for planning your homeschool history curriculum, national standards for homeschool history curriculum, homeschool history for K-4, homeschool history for grades 5-12, U.S. history eras, and world history eras. Read more - Homeschool History
Homeschool English Here’s an article to provide guidance in getting started teaching English in your homeschool. The content referred to as English may also be referred to by names such as English/Language Arts, ELA, Reading, Literature, and Writing. Read more - Homeschool English
Homeschool Social Studies This article provides information to help you start planning a homeschool social studies curriculum. Read on for tips on planning your homeschool social studies curriculum and using the national social studies standards to assist you.
Read more - Homeschool Social Studies
Homeschool Preschool Want to know more about creating a homeschool preschool experience? This article has information on homeschool preschool, the pros and cons of homeschool preschool, and tips on do-it-yourself preschool in your home. Read more - Homeschool Preschool
Homeschool Worksheets Homeschool worksheets can be a helpful tool. This article defines the different types of homeschool worksheets and offers you the pros and cons of using homeschool worksheets. Read more - Homeschool Worksheets
Kindergarten Reading This article has information on the IRA/NCTE standards that apply to kindergarten reading.  Also included in the article are reading activities for kindergarten-age students, whether they attend public, private or home-based schools. Read more - Kindergarten Reading
Homeschool Kindergarten Want to know more about homeschool kindergarten? This article has information on homeschool kindergarten curriculum, things to consider when starting a homeschool kindergarten, and the pros and cons of providing kindergarten in a homeschool setting. Read more - Homeschool Kindergarten
Free Homeschool Curriculum This article reviews the pros and cons of using a free homeschool curriculum, resources to help you find the best free homeschool curriculum, things to consider when choosing a free homeschool curriculum, and more... Read more - Free Homeschool Curriculum
Kindergarten History This article discusses how history is taught in kindergarten. It explains the areas that are considered fundamental to the understanding of history, including time, place, culture, family, and stories. It also provides sources for teaching culture.
Read more - Kindergarten History
Homeschool Handwriting Curriculum Handwriting is an important tool to teach in your homeschool curriculum. Although there are no national standards for handwriting, it is taught widely. This article explains the stages of learning handwriting and gives tips for fun handwriting activities in your homeschool. Read more - Homeschool Handwriting Curriculum
Homeschool Health and Nutrition Curriculum A homeschool health and nutrition curriculum is an essential part of any homeschool program. Find out what the national standards are for health and nutrition curriculum. Also, read some tips for teaching your kids about health and nutrition.
Read more - Homeschool Health and Nutrition Curriculum
Homeschool Economics Curriculum Homeschool economics curriculum is an important part of any homeschool curriculum. This article looks at national standards for economic curriculum as well as some practical approaches to teaching economics at home. Read more - Homeschool Economics Curriculum
Kindergarten Math If you’re looking for ways to support your public or private school kindergartner in learning math, or formulating your own homeschool math curriculum, you’ll find useful information in this article. Read on to learn about all the different elements of kindergarten math. Read more - Kindergarten Math
Homeschool Bible Studies Curriculum This article discusses different approaches to developing a curriculum for the study of the Bible. Many people choose to homeschool their children in order to teach them the Bible, but even homeschoolers who are not religious can benefit from Bible studies. Read more - Homeschool Bible Studies Curriculum
Homeschool Physical Education This homeschool physical education article provides information concerning standards, opportunities, and supplies you will need for homeschool physical education. It also discusses homeschool physical education in the context of family life.
Read more - Homeschool Physical Education
Kindergarten Curriculum By reading this article about kindergarten curriculum, you can learn about what understandings and skills children are expected to learn through their kindergarten curriculum. It includes information about various sources for kindergarten curriculum standards, as well.
Read more - Kindergarten Curriculum
Homeschool Math Maybe math was your favorite subject in school and maybe it wasn’t. However you feel about math, it’s important to have some familiarity in order to teach it to your child. Here’s an article to help you think about how to get started with homeschool math. Read more - Homeschool Math
Homeschool Science In this homeschool science article, you can learn about how to find the national science standards. Get the basics on different areas of science including physical science, earth science, space science, and life science, as well as the history and nature of science and an understanding of science as inquiry.
Read more - Homeschool Science
Homeschool Foreign Language Wondered how you could go about teaching foreign language in your homeschool? Read on for information to help you get started teaching homeschool foreign language. Learn about communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and more. Read more - Homeschool Foreign Language
Homeschool Reading Homeschool reading is a very important part of any homeschool curriculum. Reading is essential in all aspects of life. Find ways to incorporate reading skills into your home school lessons and help your children learn to read well and love reading. Read more - Homeschool Reading
Homeschool Psychology Homeschool Psychology may pose a particular problem in homeschooling because - unlike most other courses - its availability in high schools is recent and many parents who are homeschooling have never taken it themselves. This article suggests several options parents can follow in order for their child to obtain credit for Homeschool Psychology. Read more - Homeschool Psychology
Homeschool Books Finding homeschool books can present a challenge. Here are some hints and tips for getting your classroom stocked with the homeschool books you need for yourself and your students. Read more - Homeschool Books
Homeschool Spelling Homeschool spelling can be a very difficult subject to learn and to teach. Learn more about national standards for spelling here. This article also provides information that can help you create a spelling curriculum for your homeschool spelling class. Read more - Homeschool Spelling
Homeschool Electives Curriculum Electives are courses that students choose to take to suit their individual interests and goals. Most states require electives for high school and middle school students, and homeschooling parents can offer electives to younger children as well. This article explains how.
Read more - Homeschool Electives Curriculum
Homeschool Geography Curriculum Geography - the study of the earth and its people - is usually an ongoing part of a student’s curriculum. This article will help parents who are trying to develop a homeschool geography curriculum. Read more - Homeschool Geography Curriculum
Free Coloring Worksheets Free coloring worksheets for kids are used in families and by educators.  Some people are greatly in favor of coloring pages for kids, while others are opposed. This article offers both sides as well as sources for free coloring pictures. Read more - Free Coloring Worksheets