A collection of articles on education safety issues, including school safety issues that show up at different levels of education, peer pressure and bullying, online safety, school bus safety, and school violence, as well as stranger danger.

Safety Articles

What is Peer Pressure By definition peer pressure is influencing another person's decisions. Peer pressure is not always negative. Keep reading to learn more about negative peer pressure, positive peer pressure, and controlling peer pressure for better choices. Read more - What is Peer Pressure
School Bullying Has your child encountered a bully? School bullying can vary in severity from name-calling to violence. This article contains statistics on bullies. Keep reading to find more facts about school bullying and what you can do to prevent bullying. Read more - School Bullying
School Violence School violence is a problem in both public and private schools. In this article you can find school violence statistics, more about types of school violence, and causes of school violence. Help prevent and stop school violence. Read more - School Violence
Online Safety The Internet can be a great education tool for students, but it is important to ensure online safety. This article offers tips to parents and teachers about online safety and how to keep children safe while online. Read more - Online Safety
Stranger Danger Child safety is something most people worry about. Read this article to learn more about stranger danger and why the often repeated message (Don't Talk to Strangers) may not be keeping your child safe. What are the cons of stranger danger? Read more - Stranger Danger
Elementary School Safety In this elementary school safety article many common safety rules that parents, students, faculty, and staff should all be aware of. are discussed. Learn about safety in an emergency, dealing with family issues, violence, bullying, hate crimes, and more. Read more - Elementary School Safety
Middle School Safety This middle school safety article focuses on safety in transportation, privacy issues, family issues, violence and theft, and safety in regard to bullying and sexual harassment by middle schoolers. Read more - Middle School Safety
High School Safety High school students are old enough to take on a greater measure of responsibility for keeping themselves safe. This article touches on some of the safety issues high school students face and some of the approaches they can take to stay safe. Read more - High School Safety
School Bus Safety School bus safety involves the cooperation of a large number of people: the bus driver; each rider; pedestrians and bikers who move in and around the bus, and other drivers. The bus itself is another crucial factor. This article details some of the elements that contribute to school bus safety. Read more - School Bus Safety