A small collection of articles on college admissions tests, including preparing for the ACT, preparing for the SAT, and Advanced Placement tests.

Admissions Tests Articles

Preparing for ACT The ACT is a college admission and placement examination. This article provides tips about ways to prepare for the ACT exam.  It lists information about preparation techniques and the testing regimen, as well as training and tutoring opportunities.
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Preparing for SAT The SAT may refer to the SAT Reasoning Test, which covers critical reading, mathematics, and writing, or the SAT Subject Tests, offered in a variety of fields. This article will review what you need to prepare for the various SAT exams. Read more - Preparing for SAT
Advanced Placement Tests Advanced Placement (AP) subjects are offered in most high schools, and the AP tests are therefore offered as well . This article reviews the AP test subjects, advanced placement test scoring, and the pros and cons of advanced placement exams/tests. Read more - Advanced Placement Tests