A small collection of articles for elementary students on school subjects and homework help.

Elementary Students Articles

Its vs. It's Should you use it's or its? In this article we'll explore the differences of its vs. it's, define the words, compare both words, and find out why mistakes happen when using it's versus its. Find out more on contraction it's vs. its. Read more - Its vs. It's
Your vs. You're Explore when to use your or you're. This article explains the differences of you're vs. your and the uses of each. Compare the definition and proper grammar of you're versus your. Learn how to use your and you're. Read more - Your vs. You're
Their, There, They're When is it appropriate to use "there" vs. "they're" vs. "their"? Is it ever proper to use "there're"? This article explains the differences between "there," "their," "they're" and "there're," and gives tips on distinguishing them. Read more - Their, There, They're
Can’t, Cant, Cannot This article helps you compare and differentiate between three words related by spelling: "cannot," "can't," and "cant." It provides tips on how to remember which to use in a sentence an proper spelling of "cannot," "can't," and "cant." Read more - Can’t, Cant, Cannot
Who, That, and Which This article clarifies the distinctions between "who," "that," and "which," and how to choose between them. Keep reading to learn the parts of speech, pronunciation, and accepted US usage of the words "who," "that," and "which." Read more - Who, That, and Which
Roman Numerals Roman numerals are symbols that represent numbers. Read this article for more information on how Roman numerals are organized and used. Also, see a chart showing the Roman numerals from one to one million. Read more - Roman Numerals
Free Coloring Worksheets Free coloring worksheets for kids are used in families and by educators.  Some people are greatly in favor of coloring pages for kids, while others are opposed. This article offers both sides as well as sources for free coloring pictures. Read more - Free Coloring Worksheets
Summer Camp Summer camp is a great option for parents looking for a quality educational experience for their child during the summer before the next school year. Summer camp is not only educational, but is often considered a growing experience for kids of all ages. Read more - Summer Camp