A collection of articles focusing on the career education leading to a range of education careers. Includes articles on becoming a classroom teacher, special education teacher, school principal or counselor, as well as general information about teacher pay.

Education Careers Articles

Elementary School Principal This article will help define the role of an elementary school principal, inform you about the training and education an elementary school principal needs, and information on the responsibilities of an elementary school principal. Read more - Elementary School Principal
Become a School Counselor Would you like to become a school counselor? This article has information about education and training for school counselors; including guidance counselors, academic school counselors, vocational counselors, and college counselors. Read more - Become a School Counselor
School Administrator A number of educational jobs are school administrator jobs, not just the principal and assistant principal. Other types of school administrator jobs explained in this article include heads of guidance, special ed and curriculum coordinators, and more.
Read more - School Administrator
School Teacher Pay A teacher's salary is dependent on many variables. This article looks at median K-12 school teacher pay, putting school teacher pay in context, and a review of high school teacher pay, as well as other factors that can effect teacher pay. Read more - School Teacher Pay
Middle School Principal A middle school principal is the lead school administrator in a school that is referred to as a middle school or junior high and is placed between a primary or elementary school and a senior high school. The article describes training to become a middle school principal and focuses on the responsibilities of the job.
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High School Principal This article discusses what a high school is and what a high school principal does. The article gives details on what training is needed to become a high school principal and what the responsibilities of a high school principal are. Read more - High School Principal
School Psychologist In this article we learn what a school psychologist is and what the main duties of the school psychologist are. The article also gives details on what education is required to become a school psychologist. Read on to learn more... Read more - School Psychologist
Become a Teacher This article explains what one has to do to become a teacher. There are four main ways to become a teacher. Read this article to learn about these four ways as well as types of certification, certification in different states, and what reciprocity is. Read more - Become a Teacher
Special Education Teachers Although there are special education teachers in every public school, many people - students and their parents alike - don’t have a solid understanding of what they do. This article unlocks the world of special education teachers so you can get a better idea. Read more - Special Education Teachers
Teaching Degree For those who aim to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade, a teaching degree is most often a key credential to attain in order to reach that goal. This article provides an overview of teaching degrees. Read more - Teaching Degree
Preschool Teacher Education Like most other teachers, preschool teachers are licensed by each state. And as with teachers at other levels, the requirements can vary somewhat from place to place. This article discusses preschool teacher education requirements. Read more - Preschool Teacher Education