A collection of articles on general information about education, such as types of schools and educational offerings, education statistics, school lunches, literacy, school discipline, and school accreditation.

General Information Articles

An Overview of Special Education Here is a special education program and funding overview. According to the U.S. Department of Education, statistics showed at least 5 percent of all children have some sort of learning disability. Find out what qualifies a student for special ed. Read more - An Overview of Special Education
The Gifted Student Because many do not agree on the definition of a gifted student, it is difficult both to identify the gifted student and get the gifted student the services that will help him or her grow to full potential. Learn how to support gifted students. Read more - The Gifted Student
Types of Private Schools There are a number of different ways to consider the types of private schools that may be a good fit for your child. Here are some ways to categorize and consider your choice of types of private schools. Read more - Types of Private Schools
Homeschool Statistics Homeschooling statistics are tracked by the US Department of Education. This article contains homeschool facts, information on homeschool statistics, percentages of students being homeschooled, and reasons for homeschooling. Read more - Homeschool Statistics
The Bachelors Degree Going to college? Pursuing a higher education? Learn more about the bachelor's degree in this article, including what a bachelor's degree is, types of bachelor's degrees, benefits of getting a bachelor's degree, and the value of a bachelor's degree. Read more - The Bachelors Degree
The Masters Degree Already in college? Have your bachelor's degree? Deciding on more education? The master’s degree is an advanced or graduate degree. Find out what types of master's degrees are available and the value of getting a master's degree in this article. Read more - The Masters Degree
What Is an Education Consultant An education consultant, or certified education planner, assists a family in making educational decisions. Find out what benefits an education consultant can provide and information on choosing an education consultant in this article. Read more - What Is an Education Consultant
What is an IEP The Individualized Education Program, familiarly called the IEP, provides individual support to students with special needs to obtain their education goals. This includes students with learning disabilities, gifted and talented students, etc.
Read more - What is an IEP
What is a Boarding School A boarding school is an academic setting that includes education, room, and board,  for at least some students. There may also be day students, who travel to and from the campus on a daily basis, as well as the students who board at the school. Read more - What is a Boarding School
Adult Literacy In its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, more than 50 years ago, the United Nations declared literacy to be a human right. This article reviews factors that cause illiteracy and resources for those needing assistance with adult literacy. Read more - Adult Literacy
Special Education FAQ Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on special education are addressed in this article. Answers address what special education is, who provides it, and who is eligible for special education. These FAQs focus on federally-funded special education programs. Read more - Special Education FAQ
Special Education Statistics Special education is the federally mandated service to disabled children from birth to age 21 under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This article is a collection of special education statistics. Read more - Special Education Statistics
Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation helps people with disabilities or injuries and those who are unemployed get the vocational training, education, and vocational skills they need to find employment. Read on to learn more about vocational rehabilitation. Read more - Vocational Rehabilitation
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a piece of bipartisan education reform that was proposed by President George W. Bush during his first week in office, and passed by Congress on January 8, 2002. Read this article to learn more about this important law. Read more - No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Year Round School Statistics How widespread is year round school? This article has information on year round school statistics for K-12 schools nationwide. The year round school statistics for the United States and beyond may surprise you. Read more - Year Round School Statistics
Standardized Testing Statistics What are standardized test scores? How does standardized testing work, and how do the test scores impact students and their? Keep reading to find information and statistics associated with standardized testing. Read more - Standardized Testing Statistics
Literacy Statistics Literacy, the ability to read and write, is one of the top goals of education. This articles details US literacy rates and literacy statistics from other countries. Besides literacy statistics, a summary of the current state of literacy is provided.
Read more - Literacy Statistics
Affirmative Action What is affirmative action, and how does it affect our education system? This article presents the history and current situation with regard to affirmative action. It also details the pros and cons of laws concerning affirmative action.
Read more - Affirmative Action
Education Funding To the four ongoing education funding issues-equitable education funding, adequate education funding, high property taxes, and school vouchers-the financial crisis of the fall of 2008 has added basic questions about solvency. For more details, read on. Read more - Education Funding
Most Popular College Major Whether you already have a college major or are trying to choose a college major, you will find this article interesting because it covers the most popular college majors of the past as well as most popular college majors today. Read more - Most Popular College Major
Online Education Online education is not just for college students. In this article we review online education options for home school, high school students, college students, and continuing education, as well as online education for professional development. Read more - Online Education
Magnet Schools Magnet schools are one of the many choices available to parents in some areas for their child’s education. A magnet school is a public school with a specific focus, such as science or performing arts. Read more about magnet schools in this article.
Read more - Magnet Schools
Charter Schools Many parents want more choices in their children’s education, and charter schools are a relatively recent innovation in public schools meant to address that concern.  The pros and cons to charter schools are explored in this article. Read more - Charter Schools
School Testing Several different kinds of testing go on in most schools. This article introduces some of the different kinds of tests you may encounter in school settings, including classroom tests, district and state tests, national tests, and college admissions tests. Read more - School Testing
School Discipline School discipline has always been a topic of debate. This article discusses how school discipline works, including the use of detention, suspension, and expulsion, as well as other considerations. Read more - School Discipline
Gifted Education This article defines gifted education and has information on how gifted children are identified, meeting the needs of a gifted child, and effects on gifted education of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Read more - Gifted Education
UK Homeschool The UK homeschool situation, often referred to as home education, is a bit different than it is in the United States. Keep reading to find out more about how the UK homeschool and the US homeschool situations compare. Read more - UK Homeschool
Standardized Tests: Overview In this standardized tests overview we will present the pros and cons of the ongoing standardized testing debate. Keep reading for information on different types of standardized tests and the debate about standardized tests. Read more - Standardized Tests: Overview
School Accreditation School accreditation is a big issue in both the public and private sector. Learn more about what accredited schools are and how to find them. Also, see how school accreditation can affect your education and employment goals. Read more - School Accreditation
Prison Education Most people don’t think of education when they think of prison. This article discusses the benefits and education options available to prison inmates. Read for more on educational opportunities in federal prison and innovations in prison education.
Read more - Prison Education
Free and Reduced Cost School Lunches Free and reduced cost school lunches can be provided by any public or nonprofit private school or day care. Federal income guidelines determine who is eligible for free and reduced cost school lunch. Learn more about this nutritious meal option for kids. Read more - Free and Reduced Cost School Lunches
Core Curriculum Core curriculum is a college curriculum that has several important features: students take the same courses, read the same texts, and gain a common knowledge-base. The text and courses chosen for this experience illustrate the material that the institution has decided is central to the undergraduate experience. To learn more about core curriculum, keep reading. Read more - Core Curriculum
School Lunch Programs School lunch programs are an important part of our public school system. Children and teenagers often rely on school lunch as part of a nutritional, healthy diet. Read this article to learn more about the school lunch program and why it is so important. Read more - School Lunch Programs
Continuing Education Continuing education is used to mean education of many types, but it generally refers to education that is beyond a first bachelor’s degree, outside of a degree program, and does not involve learning of a language of the country in which one resides. To understand more about the many opportunities for continuing education, keep reading. Read more - Continuing Education
Christian Schools One could categorize Christian schools into three groups: private sectarian Christian schools affiliated with a particular denomination; private Christian schools that embrace Christianity broadly; and homeschools that reflect the Christian beliefs of their participants. This article provides an overview of Christian schools. Read more - Christian Schools
Home Education Program The term "home education program" refers to the same practice of teaching children at home as the term "homeschool." Read this article for more information about home education, why parents choose home education, and different types of home education options.
Read more - Home Education Program
Distance Education Distance education, also called distance learning, is a broad term that applies to any educational endeavor that does not take place between people who are meeting in the same room. And this means that it’s a very wide field with many different possibilities and incarnations. This article explores the growing field of distance education. Read more - Distance Education
Library Services This article provides information about library services such as circulation, references, children's collections, special collections, computer/Internet access, and other special programs. Be aware that not all libraries offer all of these services. Read more - Library Services
University Ranking Read this article to find out which universities are ranked highest in the nation. In this article on university ranking, a number of different university ranking systems are reviewed to give you a better idea of which universities consistently rank highest. Read more - University Ranking
Teacher Day You probably know about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Secretary’s Day. But what do you know about Teacher Day? I’ll give you a hint - it’s a day on which we acknowledge the good work of the teachers in this country, and in 2006, there were nearly 4 million of them, Keep reading for the background on how people celebrate the teaching profession. Read more - Teacher Day
School Lunch Menu Nutrition The National School Lunch Program’s mission is to provide nutritious meals to America’s children, especially those from lower income groups. Though in many ways the program has been a success, there is growing concern among parents and doctors about the health of America’s children and the quality of the food provided by school lunches. Read more - School Lunch Menu Nutrition
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education, abbreviated ECE, refers to educational programs for young children. In some cases, it refers to children who are not yet legally required to be in school, and in this case it may be called preschool education or prekindergarten education. This article reviews the basics of Early Childhood Education. Read more - Early Childhood Education
Secular vs. Sectarian Schools One way of categorizing kinds of schools is by whether they are secular (sometimes called non-sectarian) or sectarian. This article explains some of the key differences. Read more - Secular vs. Sectarian Schools
Alternative Education Are you looking for alternative education? Traditional public school is not always the best fit for every student. Whether you want a public school, specialty school, military school, or other keep reading to learn what alternative education options are available. Read more - Alternative Education
Bilingual Education Bilingual education (aka Dual Language Immersion or Bilingual Immersion) is becoming more popular in the U.S.. Many parents and students are seeking schools that offer a ESL (English as a Second Language) and bilingual education opportunities. Learn what bilingual education opportunities are available here. Read more - Bilingual Education
Common Core State Standards Initiative This article helps define the Common Core State Standards and the Common Core Standards Initiative. Learn what the purpose of the Common Core State Standards Initiative is and what States have adopted the standards. Also learn how Race to the Top initiatives influence these standards. Read more - Common Core State Standards Initiative
The Race to the Top The Race to the Top offers educational grants to States willing to adopt and meet certain education standards, in an effort to provide higher education opportunities. This article explains the selection criteria for Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards Initiative. Read more - The Race to the Top
The Purpose of Education With the presidential election of 2012 bringing new focus to higher education, it's worth stopping for a moment to consider this question: What is the purpose of education? Only having a sense of the purpose of education can guide you to a decision about which policies are appropriate. Read more - The Purpose of Education