Our newest section, slated to include articles about useful and safe education resources that can be found online. Online resources include references, sources of information, and educational games.

Online Resources Articles

Online Safety The Internet can be a great education tool for students, but it is important to ensure online safety. This article offers tips to parents and teachers about online safety and how to keep children safe while online. Read more - Online Safety
Preschool Online Preschool online materials can be a great educational start for preschool age kids. This article discusses online safety and educational elements to look for in your search for online preschool materials. Useful online resources are also included. Read more - Preschool Online
Library Services This article provides information about library services such as circulation, references, children's collections, special collections, computer/Internet access, and other special programs. Be aware that not all libraries offer all of these services. Read more - Library Services
Library Technology Like other types of technology, library technology changes over time. Changes in technology have lead to better preservation of library holdings, easier access to information about what materials each library contains, and increased access to library materials. This article provides an overview of some important types of library technology. Read more - Library Technology
School Library A school library is a library that is housed within an elementary, middle, or high school. Many towns and cities have school libraries in addition to public libraries. This article provides some basic information about what one can expect in a school library. Read more - School Library
English Dictionary An English dictionary has long been a graduation present and back-to-school staple, but with the advent of online English dictionaries, it’s possible to supplement the printed desk volume with a variety of useful online titles, depending on your purpose. This article explains.
Read more - English Dictionary
Free Coloring Worksheets Free coloring worksheets for kids are used in families and by educators.  Some people are greatly in favor of coloring pages for kids, while others are opposed. This article offers both sides as well as sources for free coloring pictures. Read more - Free Coloring Worksheets
Education City Review For parents and teachers looking for additional online resources, check out our Education City review to learn more about this leading online educational tool. EducationCity.com is a award-winning online teaching and learning resource open to the use of any interested parent or teacher.  Read more - Education City Review
Google Apps for Education If you are a parent or teacher looking for education resources, you might want to check out Google Apps for Education. Google might not be your first place to look when it comes to educational tool for your children, but the Google Apps for Education are a great resource. Read more - Google Apps for Education