A small collection of articles on social studies and history areas, including civics, citizen education, and kindergarten level history.

Social Studies and History Articles

Homeschool History This article covers steps for planning your homeschool history curriculum, national standards for homeschool history curriculum, homeschool history for K-4, homeschool history for grades 5-12, U.S. history eras, and world history eras. Read more - Homeschool History
Homeschool Social Studies This article provides information to help you start planning a homeschool social studies curriculum. Read on for tips on planning your homeschool social studies curriculum and using the national social studies standards to assist you.
Read more - Homeschool Social Studies
Kindergarten History This article discusses how history is taught in kindergarten. It explains the areas that are considered fundamental to the understanding of history, including time, place, culture, family, and stories. It also provides sources for teaching culture.
Read more - Kindergarten History
Civics Civics refers to an area of political science dealing with the rights and duties or responsibilities of citizens. It is an important part of the education of any citizen in a democracy, as well as for those who wish to be naturalized. Read on to learn more.... Read more - Civics
Homeschool Economics Curriculum Homeschool economics curriculum is an important part of any homeschool curriculum. This article looks at national standards for economic curriculum as well as some practical approaches to teaching economics at home. Read more - Homeschool Economics Curriculum
Citizen Education This article explains what citizen education is, how it is taught, and why it is important. Citizen education includes information on government, your country's history, and a citizen's participation in a community. Read more - Citizen Education
Homeschool Geography Curriculum Geography - the study of the earth and its people - is usually an ongoing part of a student’s curriculum. This article will help parents who are trying to develop a homeschool geography curriculum. Read more - Homeschool Geography Curriculum
Engaging Students in a Presidential Election Year Every four years there is a presidential election in the United States. In addition to providing voters with a chance to review those they have elected to office, a presidential election provides parents, homeschoolers, and teachers with an opportunity to engage young people in the election process and expand their knowledge and understanding of how the system works. This article provides a guide to some ways to take advantage of this opportunity. Read more - Engaging Students in a Presidential Election Year
National Geographic Bee Inspiration In late May and early June, local PBS stations  air the finals of the year's National Geographic Bee. This article explores the Bee and some tools you can use to hook your children on geography. Read more - National Geographic Bee Inspiration