A collection of articles on education issues besides safety, including school dress codes and uniforms, school choice, school vouchers, and year-round school.

Other Education Issues Articles

Public School Uniform Debate The public school uniform debate has been an issue for educators, parents, and students for years. This article has information on the pros and cons of public school uniform from educators', parents', and students' views.
Read more - Public School Uniform Debate
Public School Uniform Statistics Private schools often require students to wear school uniforms. Some public schools are now adopting uniform policies. Keep reading for information on public school uniform statistics and the ongoing school uniform debate. Read more - Public School Uniform Statistics
School Vouchers In the current climate of concern over the shortcomings of the public education system, school vouchers are a topic that has stirred a lot of heated debate. This article reviews the pros and cons of school voucher programs. Read more - School Vouchers
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a piece of bipartisan education reform that was proposed by President George W. Bush during his first week in office, and passed by Congress on January 8, 2002. Read this article to learn more about this important law. Read more - No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Year Round School Statistics How widespread is year round school? This article has information on year round school statistics for K-12 schools nationwide. The year round school statistics for the United States and beyond may surprise you. Read more - Year Round School Statistics
Sex Education How should sex education be handled? What should the content of sex education include? Should sex education be taught in school? What age should sex education be taught?  This article addresses these questions. Read more - Sex Education
School Dress Codes School dress codes are often a topic of debate. Allowing students to express their individuality while still maintaining a proper educational environment can be very difficult. This article covers basic dress code and school uniform issues. Read more - School Dress Codes
Education Reform Education reform is a perennial hot topic that touches people’s deepest beliefs about child-rearing, community, and our country. This article will review some of the main areas that have attracted widespread interest. Read more - Education Reform
Reading Programs There are several different types of reading programs that can be used to teach students to read. This article contains information on phonics and whole language reading programs, as well as information on a joint approach that draws on both. Read more - Reading Programs
Higher Education Issues What are the issues facing higher education today? Different groups have different ideas about what the most important higher education issues are. Read on for some insight into education issues such as funding, access, distance learning... Read more - Higher Education Issues
Year Round School Debate As with other changes from “the good old days,” the idea of year round school scheduling has its share of proponents and opponents. To find out what makes some eager for year round school and others reject the idea, keep reading. Read more - Year Round School Debate
School Discipline School discipline has always been a topic of debate. This article discusses how school discipline works, including the use of detention, suspension, and expulsion, as well as other considerations. Read more - School Discipline
Year Round School Overview This article discusses options that are available when considering a year round school schedule, including single track and multiple track schedules and how the year round school schedule changes the school calendar. Read more - Year Round School Overview
Testing Issues Testing issues have become a big topic in recent years. Standards for test scores, like No Child Left Behind, make teachers and administrators more focused on test results. Learn about the impact testing issues have on how teachers present subject matter. Read more - Testing Issues
School Choice Debate The debate about school choice is a complicated issue. School choice is a multi-faceted cluster of education reform items. Keep reading for an overview of the arguments. Read more - School Choice Debate
Common Core State Standards Initiative This article helps define the Common Core State Standards and the Common Core Standards Initiative. Learn what the purpose of the Common Core State Standards Initiative is and what States have adopted the standards. Also learn how Race to the Top initiatives influence these standards. Read more - Common Core State Standards Initiative
The Race to the Top The Race to the Top offers educational grants to States willing to adopt and meet certain education standards, in an effort to provide higher education opportunities. This article explains the selection criteria for Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards Initiative. Read more - The Race to the Top
Redshirting A new take on the term, redshirting describes parents choosing to postpone putting their child's entrance into kindergarten to allow for them to have more time, growth and development to prepare for traditional schooling. Academic redshirting is a play on the term that was previously used for collegiate athletics. Read more - Redshirting
Hazing Hazing is a serious issue that takes place among children, teens and even young adults in just about every level of education ranging from elementary age to college. Hazing usually takes place in a group setting like a club or sorority or college fraternity. Read more - Hazing
Single Sex Education The debate between single-sex education and coeducation has been going for decades. Many parents and educators believe that single-sex education provides students with better access to learning and absorbing information. However, single-sex education does not sit well with everyone. Read more - Single Sex Education
College Gender Gap The college gender gap shows that women are taking the dominant lead in pursuing a secondary education in comparison with their male counterparts. This college gender gap has taken off since 2000 and now demonstrates that about 57 percent of college students are female. Read more - College Gender Gap
Helicopter Parents Helicopter parents is a fairly recent term to describe parents who take parenting too far. These are the over-concerned, over-protective parents that will do anything they can to hover over and shelter their children from the dangers of the world and real life. Read more - Helicopter Parents