A collection of articles on the language arts. Includes articles on areas particular to writing, reading, listening, and speaking, as well as general communication.

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Easily Confused Words
A collection of articles on easily confused words. The articles present sets of easily confused words that are often substituted for each other, clearly explains the meaning of each, and provides mnemonics to assist in preventing future confusion.

Grammar and Mechanics
A collection of articles on English grammar and mechanics. Includes grammar articles on parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections subject-verb agreement, and paragraphs. Mechanics articles on punctuation marks and spelling articles on improving misspelling, spell checking, and typos are also included.

Other Language Arts
A collection of articles on other areas of language arts, including reading and understanding various types of words, such as homophones, homonyms, antonyms, and synonyms, and specialized word use such as similes and metaphors.

Most Popular Phrases and Sayings
Ever wonder about the history, meaning or definition of a famous saying or phrase? Here you will find the most popular phrases and sayings and their meaning, definition and history. Find interesting facts and information on famous quotes, common idioms, and catch phrases.

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Cursive Writing Is cursive writing still taught? Learn more about the arguments of whether cursive writing should still be taught in schools today. Some feel typing skills should replace cursive writing skills and that cursive writing is a dying art. Read more - Cursive Writing