A small collection of articles on students who have special needs because they are gifted and talented. Includes articles on the gifted student and gifted education.

Gifted and Talented Articles

The Gifted Student Because many do not agree on the definition of a gifted student, it is difficult both to identify the gifted student and get the gifted student the services that will help him or her grow to full potential. Learn how to support gifted students. Read more - The Gifted Student
Gifted Education This article defines gifted education and has information on how gifted children are identified, meeting the needs of a gifted child, and effects on gifted education of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Read more - Gifted Education
National Geographic Bee Inspiration In late May and early June, local PBS stations  air the finals of the year's National Geographic Bee. This article explores the Bee and some tools you can use to hook your children on geography. Read more - National Geographic Bee Inspiration