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Resources exclusively for parents. Includes links on parenting children of different ages from birth to young adult. Elementary school, middle school, and high school resource specifically for parents. Includes links on all sorts of education topics just for parents.


Alternative Student Loans Alternative student loans for college.

Child Behavior Problems Article about child and teen behavior problems and how to get help.

College Financial Aid Information Information on college loans and the financial aid process.

Foster Care Adoption Information on parents seeking adoption through foster care. Statistics and other articles on foster care adoption.

Parents Guide to Child Safety A parents guide to child safety created for and by parents. A compilation of first hand experience, lessons learned, and information gathered while raising our own children.

Private Loan Information Private student loans for college.

Teen Alcohol Abuse Another article from on teen alcohol abuse and underage drinking. Statistics for youth 12-20.

Teen Drug Abuse Drug abuse statistics, prevention, and more info in this article. Includes list of commonly used drugs among teens.

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