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Special Education

A collection of articles providing an overview of special education, including special education FAQs, statistics, and history, as well as what is an IEP and the use of behavior contracts in special education.

Special Education Articles

An Overview of Special Education
Here is a special education program and funding overview. According to the U.S. Department of Education, statistics showed at least 5 percent of all children have some sort of learning disability. Find out what qualifies a student for special ed.

School Counselors and Students with Special Needs
School counselors can serve a variety of students with special needs, assisting students who are gifted and talented, migrant students, and students with learning disabilities. There are also specially trained special education counselors in some states.

What is an IEP
The Individualized Education Program, familiarly called the IEP, provides individual support to students with special needs to obtain their education goals. This includes students with learning disabilities, gifted and talented students, etc.

Special Education FAQ
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on special education are addressed in this article. Answers address what special education is, who provides it, and who is eligible for special education. These FAQs focus on federally-funded special education programs.

Special Education Statistics
Special education is the federally mandated service to disabled children from birth to age 21 under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This article is a collection of special education statistics.

Behavior Contracts and Emotional Disturbance
Emotional Disturbance (ED) is an overarching term that can refer to both emotional and behavioral disturbances Emotional and Behavioral Disturbance is sometimes abbreviated EBD. This article is about emotional disturbance and the use of behavior contracts and behavior plans to assist in education.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational rehabilitation helps people with disabilities or injuries and those who are unemployed get the vocational training, education, and vocational skills they need to find employment. Read on to learn more about vocational rehabilitation.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a piece of bipartisan education reform that was proposed by President George W. Bush during his first week in office, and passed by Congress on January 8, 2002. Read this article to learn more about this important law.

Special Education History
This article gives a brief overview of special education history. Learn how children with special needs are affected by the laws and regulations that are set for their education and how it was decided to integrate those with learning disabilities into regular classrooms.

Speech Synthesis
This speech synthesis article explainswhat speech synthesis is and how speech software and speech text are used. Also learn more about the origination and history of speech synthesis worldwide.

Special Education Teachers
Although there are special education teachers in every public school, many people - students and their parents alike - don’t have a solid understanding of what they do. This article unlocks the world of special education teachers so you can get a better idea.