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Public Schools

A collection of articles on public schools, including charter schools and magnet schools. Includes history of the public schools, school lunch program, PTA, and other matters of interest to those who care about the public schools.

Public Schools Articles

The History of The PTA
The Parent Teacher Association or PTA has been an important part of education since 1897. Many schools encourage PTA membership and participation. Knowing the history of the PTA will help you understand the importance of getting involved.

Public School vs Home School
Public School or Home School, Which is Right for You? Our comparison of public school versus home school may help you decide the best option for your child. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of public vs. home school.

Integrating Homeschooling and Other Schooling
Homeschooling can be enriched by integration with other types of schooling. This article provides information on combining homeschool with public school, private school, and higher education curricula through various means. 

The History of the School Lunch Program
Have you ever wondered why schools offer a school lunch program or when and why the school lunch program was created? Read this article for more information on the history of the school lunch program. You may be surprised.

CoEd or Single Sex Education
Will you choose coed or single sex education? Both coed and single sex schools have pros and cons. How do the two types of schools compare? In this article find different factors to consider when choosing between single-sex and coed private schools.  

Choosing a School Fundraiser
Choosing appropriate school fundraisers for your school community is an important decision. What are your fundraising options? This article has information and resources for organizing a school fundraiser for your public or private school.

Public School Uniform Debate
The public school uniform debate has been an issue for educators, parents, and students for years. This article has information on the pros and cons of public school uniform from educators', parents', and students' views.

Public School Uniform Statistics
Private schools often require students to wear school uniforms. Some public schools are now adopting uniform policies. Keep reading for information on public school uniform statistics and the ongoing school uniform debate.

School Vouchers
In the current climate of concern over the shortcomings of the public education system, school vouchers are a topic that has stirred a lot of heated debate. This article reviews the pros and cons of school voucher programs.

Private Schools vs. Charter Schools
First article in series on school comparisons - private schools vs. charter schools. Find the characteristics of each and pros/cons. Is a charter school or private school right for your child? Also view statistics on charter and private schools.

Public Schools vs. Charter Schools
This article explains the relationship of public schools and charter schools. If you are considering sending your child to a public or charter school, read this article to learn more about public schools in general and charter schools in particular.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a piece of bipartisan education reform that was proposed by President George W. Bush during his first week in office, and passed by Congress on January 8, 2002. Read this article to learn more about this important law.

Public Schools vs. Private Schools
Third in our school comparison series on Public Schools versus Private Schools. If you are having difficulty deciding between sending your child to a public school or a private school, this article has information to assist with your decision.

History of Public Schools
What does the term public school mean to you? Do you know the history of public schools? This article contains great history information on the early years in the history public schools as well as recent history of public schools.

Year Round School Statistics
How widespread is year round school? This article has information on year round school statistics for K-12 schools nationwide. The year round school statistics for the United States and beyond may surprise you.

Public School vs. Christian School
How do Christian schools compare to public schools? If you are trying to decide between public school versus a Christian school then this article can help. Find pros and cons of both Christian and public schools here.

School Dress Codes
School dress codes are often a topic of debate. Allowing students to express their individuality while still maintaining a proper educational environment can be very difficult. This article covers basic dress code and school uniform issues.

Magnet Schools
Magnet schools are one of the many choices available to parents in some areas for their child’s education. A magnet school is a public school with a specific focus, such as science or performing arts. Read more about magnet schools in this article.

Charter Schools
Many parents want more choices in their children’s education, and charter schools are a relatively recent innovation in public schools meant to address that concern.  The pros and cons to charter schools are explored in this article.

Charter Schools vs. Magnet Schools
Charter schools and magnet schools are similar in some ways and different in others. This article defines what a magnet school is and what a charter school is, and compares the popularity of charter schools vs. magnet schools.

Public School Ratings
Public school ratings are an important element of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. This article has an overview of public school ratings, examples of school plans, and statistics on public school ratings.

Advantages of Public Schools
When comparing homeschools, private schools, and public schools, it is important to look at the pros and cons of all of them. This article reviews the advantages of public schools compared to private schools or homeschools.

Compulsory Education
Have you ever told your kids, “You have to go to school: it’s the law”? This article discusses the history of compulsory education, compulsory education requirements in the U.S. and how U.S. education requirements compare to the rest of the world.

Free and Reduced Cost School Lunches
Free and reduced cost school lunches can be provided by any public or nonprofit private school or day care. Federal income guidelines determine who is eligible for free and reduced cost school lunch. Learn more about this nutritious meal option for kids.

School Lunch Programs
School lunch programs are an important part of our public school system. Children and teenagers often rely on school lunch as part of a nutritional, healthy diet. Read this article to learn more about the school lunch program and why it is so important.

School Lunch Menu Nutrition
The National School Lunch Program’s mission is to provide nutritious meals to America’s children, especially those from lower income groups. Though in many ways the program has been a success, there is growing concern among parents and doctors about the health of America’s children and the quality of the food provided by school lunches.

School Choice Debate
The debate about school choice is a complicated issue. School choice is a multi-faceted cluster of education reform items. Keep reading for an overview of the arguments.

Why Have School Fundraisers
Why have a school fundraiser? There are many reasons that prompt a school community to raise funds. This article lays out seven of the top reasons to have a school fundraiser.

Types of School Fund Raisers
There are many different approaches that can raise funds for a school. This article provides a number of ideas for a variety of types of school fundraiser, some one-shot and others ongoing.

What Is School Ranking?
School ranking is carried out by various organizations in order to allow parents and others to judge and compare the quality of schools. This articles explains the basics of school ranking.

Secular vs. Sectarian Schools
One way of categorizing kinds of schools is by whether they are secular (sometimes called non-sectarian) or sectarian. This article explains some of the key differences.

Private Preschool vs. Public Preschool
Why do people prefer private or public preschools? Here is some information on the pros and cons of private and public preschools for your child.

Types of Public School Educational Support
What types of educational support are available in a typical public school outside of classroom instruction?  Here is an overview of some other school services.

Box Tops for Education Review
In this Box Tops for Education review, you can learn about the Box Tops for Education program and how you and your child's school can benefit from using the Box Tops for Education program. There are tons of products that use the Box Tops for Education program. Keep reading to learn more.

English Language Learners - ELL
English Language Learners (ELL) describe the student population of the United States that are actively engaging in learning the English language after immigrating to the country. English Language Learners strive to learn and speak English accurately and fluently.