A collection of articles on kindergartens, kindergartners, and preparing children for kindergarten. Includes articles on kindergarten curriculum.

Kindergartens Articles

Reading Programs There are several different types of reading programs that can be used to teach students to read. This article contains information on phonics and whole language reading programs, as well as information on a joint approach that draws on both. Read more - Reading Programs
Kindergarten Reading This article has information on the IRA/NCTE standards that apply to kindergarten reading.  Also included in the article are reading activities for kindergarten-age students, whether they attend public, private or home-based schools. Read more - Kindergarten Reading
Homeschool Kindergarten Want to know more about homeschool kindergarten? This article has information on homeschool kindergarten curriculum, things to consider when starting a homeschool kindergarten, and the pros and cons of providing kindergarten in a homeschool setting. Read more - Homeschool Kindergarten
Kindergarten History This article discusses how history is taught in kindergarten. It explains the areas that are considered fundamental to the understanding of history, including time, place, culture, family, and stories. It also provides sources for teaching culture.
Read more - Kindergarten History
Kindergarten Math If you’re looking for ways to support your public or private school kindergartner in learning math, or formulating your own homeschool math curriculum, you’ll find useful information in this article. Read on to learn about all the different elements of kindergarten math. Read more - Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Curriculum By reading this article about kindergarten curriculum, you can learn about what understandings and skills children are expected to learn through their kindergarten curriculum. It includes information about various sources for kindergarten curriculum standards, as well.
Read more - Kindergarten Curriculum
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education, abbreviated ECE, refers to educational programs for young children. In some cases, it refers to children who are not yet legally required to be in school, and in this case it may be called preschool education or prekindergarten education. This article reviews the basics of Early Childhood Education. Read more - Early Childhood Education
Ready for Kindergarten Getting ready for kindergarten means not only preparing to address the kindergarten school curriculum, but - for students who attend a public or private school - also the social and emotional demands of kindergarten. Learn more here. Read more - Ready for Kindergarten
Redshirting A new take on the term, redshirting describes parents choosing to postpone putting their child's entrance into kindergarten to allow for them to have more time, growth and development to prepare for traditional schooling. Academic redshirting is a play on the term that was previously used for collegiate athletics. Read more - Redshirting