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Community Resources

A collection of articles about community resources for education besides schools. Includes articles about libraries, including information on public library services, the system of libraries, bookmobiles, how public libraries are funded, college libraries, library technology, and summer reading programs, as well as other community resources that foster education.

Community Resources Articles

Public Library Services
Not Just Books: Public Library Services - Libraries offer many services you many not be aware of, like promoting community outreach programs and events. Keep reading to find out more about services public libraries offer.

Summer Reading Program
Summer reading programs offer children the opportunity to maintain and improve their reading skills and further their reading education. Summer reading programs are often sponsored by libraries, bookstores, and government agencies.

Homeschool Resources
Looking for homeschool resources? Here’s an article to help you through the maze so that you’ll spend more time getting the help you need from helpful homeschool resources--whether agencies, departments, or websites--and less time searching for information.

Public Libraries Overview
This public libraries overview explains the types of libraries, what materials you can get at a public library, how many public libraries there are in the United States, and what type of circulating materials are available in most public libraries.

Library Services
This article provides information about library services such as circulation, references, children's collections, special collections, computer/Internet access, and other special programs. Be aware that not all libraries offer all of these services.

Bookmobile services are offered in many rural areas where library services and library books are often not available. Read this article for the history of the bookmobile and learn how bookmobiles have developed due to changes in technology.

Library Technology
Like other types of technology, library technology changes over time. Changes in technology have lead to better preservation of library holdings, easier access to information about what materials each library contains, and increased access to library materials. This article provides an overview of some important types of library technology.

Homeschool Field Trips
This article explains the value of homeschool field trips. Looking for ideas for homeschool field trips? Look no further! This article helps you in your quest for interesting and educational journeys, both near and far.

Library System
This article discusses three types of library systems: library management software tools, library classification systems, and groups of libraries that function as a collective. Read this article for a greater understanding of library systems.

Public Library Funding
Public library funding can come from a number of sources including federal library funding, state library funding, and local sources. Read this article for statistics and more information about public library funding.

Friends of the Library
Friends of the Library may sound like a loosely organized group, but in most cases it is a very carefully run non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This article provides an overview of typical Friends of the Library activities.

School Library
A school library is a library that is housed within an elementary, middle, or high school. Many towns and cities have school libraries in addition to public libraries. This article provides some basic information about what one can expect in a school library.

Library Books
In the twenty-first century, a library book may be several different things and be used for several different reasons. This article provides an overview of library books. Learn what a library book is and some of the benefits of using library books.