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College Age Children

A small collection of articles particular to students of college age in areas in which parents may provide guidance, such as student support services available in colleges, as well as jobs, books, and credit cards.

College Age Children Articles

College Student Credit Cards
College student credit card information - details on what to look for in a college student credit card, debt warning signs, and tips on using your credit card. Learn how to build, establish, or repair credit with a student credit card...

College Books
College books are a part of the cost of going to college. This article has information on purchasing your college books at the college bookstore or purchasing your college books online. Keep reading for tips on getting your college books.

Student Support
Student support is an important consideration for any new college student. Read this article to learn about student support relating to health, finances, course selection, multicultural student support, and navigating the campus and the university's website.

Student Jobs
Read this article to get more information on student job opportunities, what types of jobs are good for students, and some basics on where to start looking for a job if you are a student.

College Library
A college library is a standard facility for the undergraduate students at a college or university. This article gives an overview of today’s college library. A college library may have other important sections, but this article reviews some of the main ones.

Preparing Students for College
Student preparation for college begins long before junior year admissions testing and applications.  This article provides some information about seven important things students can do to prepare for college.