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Recently added education articles:

Online High School Classes
Online high school classes are becoming a popular alternative way for students to obtain a high school diploma.This article compares traditional high school vs. online high school education programs, and offers the pros and cons of taking virtual high school classes.

Spelling Bees
Spelling bees have long been a way for students to demonstrate academic prowess through a means other than writing papers or answering questions in class. This article discusses the Scripps National Spelling Bee and spelling in general.

National Geographic Bee Inspiration
In late May and early June, local PBS stations  air the finals of the year's National Geographic Bee. This article explores the Bee and some tools you can use to hook your children on geography.

Building Blocks--A World of Possibilities
Building blocks are considered one of the basic toys of childhood. Read on for some suggested sources and some novel building ideas.

Finding Free Literature Online
If you are homeschooling or teaching and need to find literature for your students to read inexpensively, or if you are a parent who wants more material to read aloud or recommend to your children, this article will provide free online sources for literature.

College Degrees and Resumes
College degrees are very valuable credentials. They are tickets to further education and highly-prized commodities in the quest for a job. College degrees have been in the news for the past week, and not in a good way. This article discusses the follow-up part of the college degree - what you are allowed to do with it, after you've got it.

The Purpose of Education
With the presidential election of 2012 bringing new focus to higher education, it's worth stopping for a moment to consider this question: What is the purpose of education? Only having a sense of the purpose of education can guide you to a decision about which policies are appropriate.

Photography and Early Education
It used to be that many young children had Brownie cameras, but that was a time when film and developing were relatively expensive and they were treasured and used infrequently. With the advent of digital photography and inexpensive cameras, photography can become a learning tool from an early age.

Engaging Students in a Presidential Election Year
Every four years there is a presidential election in the United States. In addition to providing voters with a chance to review those they have elected to office, a presidential election provides parents, homeschoolers, and teachers with an opportunity to engage young people in the election process and expand their knowledge and understanding of how the system works. This article provides a guide to some ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

Helicopter Parents
Helicopter parents is a fairly recent term to describe parents who take parenting too far. These are the over-concerned, over-protective parents that will do anything they can to hover over and shelter their children from the dangers of the world and real life.