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School Involvement and PTA

A small collection of articles on family involvement in children’s schooling, including being a school volunteer, creating extracurricular activities, and PTA involvement.

School Involvement and PTA Articles

The History of The PTA
The Parent Teacher Association or PTA has been an important part of education since 1897. Many schools encourage PTA membership and participation. Knowing the history of the PTA will help you understand the importance of getting involved.

Why Be a School Volunteer
Every school has volunteer activities and programs you can participate in. Find out what you can do and how to get involved in school volunteer programs. We'll also tell you how to start a volunteer program in your child's school.

Creating Extra Curricular Activities
There are a variety of ways to expand extracurricular activity opportunities at a private school. A good first step is to identify the kinds of extracurricular activities that are desired, and we provide some popular choices for you to consider. When you know what you want, our tips for get the extracurricular activities up and running can help.

Why Have School Fundraisers
Why have a school fundraiser? There are many reasons that prompt a school community to raise funds. This article lays out seven of the top reasons to have a school fundraiser.

Types of School Fund Raisers
There are many different approaches that can raise funds for a school. This article provides a number of ideas for a variety of types of school fundraiser, some one-shot and others ongoing.