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Other Financial Topics

A collection of articles on financial topics other than financial aid. Includes articles on fundraising to offset education costs incurred by an educational institution, such as a public school or private school, information on how schools are funded, and college savings plans.

Other Financial Topics Articles

Garnering Grants
Garnering Grants: Finding and Writing Educational Grants - Educational grants are important to the success of every school. Find out how to research, locate, and write educational grants for your school in this article.

Choosing a School Fundraiser
Choosing appropriate school fundraisers for your school community is an important decision. What are your fundraising options? This article has information and resources for organizing a school fundraiser for your public or private school.

Education Funding
To the four ongoing education funding issues-equitable education funding, adequate education funding, high property taxes, and school vouchers-the financial crisis of the fall of 2008 has added basic questions about solvency. For more details, read on.

College Savings Plans
College savings plans can be a useful way to invest in your child's future. This article describes types of college saving plans, such as; prepaid tuition plans, Roth IRAs, 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA), and more,

Student Jobs
Read this article to get more information on student job opportunities, what types of jobs are good for students, and some basics on where to start looking for a job if you are a student.

Why Have School Fundraisers
Why have a school fundraiser? There are many reasons that prompt a school community to raise funds. This article lays out seven of the top reasons to have a school fundraiser.

Types of School Fund Raisers
There are many different approaches that can raise funds for a school. This article provides a number of ideas for a variety of types of school fundraiser, some one-shot and others ongoing.