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Online Schools and Distance Education

A small collection of articles related to online schools and distance education and related issues, such as online safety, choosing an accredited education program.

Online Schools and Distance Education Articles

Homeschool Online
Homeschooling online is becoming more popular. There are many resources for online homeschool curriculum, and we've provided some guidelines for assessing online homeschooling sites, as well as a short list of valuable online homeschool resources.

Online Education
Online education is not just for college students. In this article we review online education options for home school, high school students, college students, and continuing education, as well as online education for professional development.

Online Safety
The Internet can be a great education tool for students, but it is important to ensure online safety. This article offers tips to parents and teachers about online safety and how to keep children safe while online.

Preschool Online
Preschool online materials can be a great educational start for preschool age kids. This article discusses online safety and educational elements to look for in your search for online preschool materials. Useful online resources are also included.

School Accreditation
School accreditation is a big issue in both the public and private sector. Learn more about what accredited schools are and how to find them. Also, see how school accreditation can affect your education and employment goals.

Distance Education
Distance education, also called distance learning, is a broad term that applies to any educational endeavor that does not take place between people who are meeting in the same room. And this means that it’s a very wide field with many different possibilities and incarnations. This article explores the growing field of distance education.

Online Technical Schools
Online schools are institutions that grant degrees to students who do not attend a campus but receive instruction over the Internet. Technical schools are secondary or post-secondary vocational schools that train students in career paths. This article is about technical schools that offer online classes.