A collection of articles on the history of various aspects of education, including the history of compulsory education, education reform, the school lunch program, public schools, and the PTA.

History Articles

The History of The PTA The Parent Teacher Association or PTA has been an important part of education since 1897. Many schools encourage PTA membership and participation. Knowing the history of the PTA will help you understand the importance of getting involved. Read more - The History of The PTA
The History of the School Lunch Program Have you ever wondered why schools offer a school lunch program or when and why the school lunch program was created? Read this article for more information on the history of the school lunch program. You may be surprised. Read more - The History of the School Lunch Program
History of Public Schools What does the term public school mean to you? Do you know the history of public schools? This article contains great history information on the early years in the history public schools as well as recent history of public schools. Read more - History of Public Schools
Education Reform Education reform is a perennial hot topic that touches people’s deepest beliefs about child-rearing, community, and our country. This article will review some of the main areas that have attracted widespread interest. Read more - Education Reform
Year Round School Overview This article discusses options that are available when considering a year round school schedule, including single track and multiple track schedules and how the year round school schedule changes the school calendar. Read more - Year Round School Overview
Compulsory Education Have you ever told your kids, “You have to go to school: it’s the law”? This article discusses the history of compulsory education, compulsory education requirements in the U.S. and how U.S. education requirements compare to the rest of the world. Read more - Compulsory Education
Special Education History This article gives a brief overview of special education history. Learn how children with special needs are affected by the laws and regulations that are set for their education and how it was decided to integrate those with learning disabilities into regular classrooms. Read more - Special Education History
Higher Education Act In 1965, Congress passed the Higher Education Act, or HEA. The Higher Education Act had the goal of strengthening US colleges and universities. Keep reading to find out more about this important education legislation. Read more - Higher Education Act
The Race to the Top The Race to the Top offers educational grants to States willing to adopt and meet certain education standards, in an effort to provide higher education opportunities. This article explains the selection criteria for Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards Initiative. Read more - The Race to the Top