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Financial Aid

A collection of articles on financial aid for private schools, colleges, and universities. Includes discussion of financial aid opportunities such as scholarships, grants, fellowships, various types of loans, and work study, as well as vouchers and tax credits.

Financial Aid Articles

Funding a Private School Education
Find out how to fund your child's private school education, including education scholarships, financial aid option, school vouchers, education tax credits and K-12 student loans. Paying for private school doesn't have to break the bank!

Financial Aid Options for College
As part of your application for college, you may be filing a financial aid application. Wondering what scholarships, loans, or grants are available? Find out about financial aid options are available for students headed to college in this article.

Financial Aid Options for Graduate School
Already have a college degree? Deciding to go to graduate school? Not sure what financial aid options are for graduate school? Find out what financial aid options are available specifically for students wanting to get a graduate degree.

Find Scholarships
There are many types of scholarships available. Finding scholarships can be difficult, but this article will inform you about types of scholarships, how to look for scholarships, and places to look to find scholarships, making your search easier.