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Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great option for parents looking for a quality educational experience for their child during the summer before the next school year. Summer camp is not only educational, but is often considered a growing experience for kids of all ages.

With summer on the horizon and school almost out, many parents are trying to find fun recreational activities for their children during the summer break from school. Summer camp is a great option for kids of any age ranging from young elementary age to kids in their teens. There are also many different types of summer camps that are available ranging from camps with a specific educational focus to camps that focus more on outdoor and physical activities. Costs of these types of camps also range in great variety. Some are pretty expensive but might offer scholarships or aid to those who qualify. It is also important to compare the cost of a babysitter or day care to the cost of summer camp. You may find that summer camp will save you money. Keep reading to find out which summer camp option is the right one for your child. 

Types of summer camps

  • Summer day camp. Day camps can be many different types of camps from academic to recreational. The difference between day camps and overnight camps is that it might last all summer, but it usually begins in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. These types of summer camps are perfect for parents who might work during the day and need a place for their children to go, but don't want to hire a babysitter or take them to daycare. It also provides fun and encouraging activities for older children and teens. This is also a good alternative if you want to give your child the camp experience but do not like the idea of them being gone for several weeks. This is also a good option for children who might be worried about being away from home for that long.  Summer day camp is also traditionally less expensive for parents to pay because they are not having to pay the entire cost of living for their children during those weeks they are away.
  • Sleep away summer camp (overnight). When most people think of summer camp, they think of cabins somewhere in the woods near a big lake where they spend typically four to eight weeks of their summer vacation. There are many summer camps like this that last overnight for an extended period of time. However, summer camps are not just restricted to the classic summer camp ideal anymore. There are many different types of summer camp with different types of focus. 
  • Academic summer camp. These summer camps focus primarily on some kind of learning experience, may be called summer school, that may be an extension from what they are already learning in school. Or it might be a preparation opportunity for teens to get ready for college and college testing prep. Many academic summer camps focus on offering classes and learning experiences focused on specific subjects like math, writing, space, science, music, theater and many more. If your child is demonstrating a desire to learn a specific subject, an academic summer camp is a great opportunity for them to further that learning outside of the traditional classroom. 
  • Recreational/travel summer camp. This is typically the classic type of summer camp that most people imagine. Lots of swimming in the lake, arts and crafts, making friends and learning life skills are the primary points of this type of camp. It is a great learning experience for those kids who may need to broaden their horizons, or if they just like being in the outdoors.
  • Sports camps. These are often required by coaches if your child is part of a sports team. Even if they are not required, if you child is interested in a particular sport and wants to get better, sports camps are a great option. Akin to this type of camp, weight loss camps are similar in that they get your child working out and motivated. They also help your child develop better eating habits to learn how to manage their weight.
  • Special needs camps. These are a great and fun option for kids and teens who may have developmental disabilities or special needs. The camps have trained professionals there to assist your child in taking care of their daily needs. This is a great opportunity for these kids to get out and explore the world. 
  • Faith-based camps. Camps that offer more in-depth religious experiences are also great for kids who wish to learn more about their religion. They also get to take part in learning life lessons and making friends. 

The benefits of summer camp:

While many children would love the idea of going somewhere new and exciting for the summer, there are also many other benefits of summer camp. One of the best parts of summer camp is that it allows your child to learn and grow in ways they aren't able to do at home. It opens their eyes to new friends, new people and new experiences. Many children and teens enjoy summer camp because they get to participate in activities they wouldn't be able to do otherwise like horseback riding, climbing/rappelling and kayaking. While at camp, children and teens can learn essential life goals like leadership development and team building. For kids who go to a summer camp with more of an educational focus, they may learn something new they wouldn't have been able to learn while in traditional classes during the school year. Summer camp is a great learning and growing experience for children and teens. 


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