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Separate vs. Seperate

There are many commonly misspelled words in the English language like the words Separate vs. Seperate. There are so many of these misspellings because so many letters sound the same upon different types of pronunciation, particularly vowels. Read on to learn the correct spelling of Separate vs. Seperate.

Definition of Separate:
to set or keep apart. To space apart. To sort or to differentiate or discriminate between.

Example: "The post office must separate mail according to postal zones."One trick to help you remember how to not confuse the difference between Separate vs. Seperate is to remember the correct spelling only has one "e" and two of the letter "a" rather than the confused example, which is the other way around. 

Fortunately there are programs like spell check or ABC tools in most text generating document programs that are designed to detect these misspellings and essentially do the spelling correction for the writer instead of the writer needing to learn the correct form of spelling for themselves. With more and more students being taught typing skills and are encouraged to complete online worksheets and to do the majority of their writing on a computer, they are no longer writing words out by hand as often. Many studies are showing the result behind this growth in technology is proving that people are becoming more and more apathetic when it comes to writing and knowing how to spell correctly. However, when there is a time one has to write something down on a piece of paper or there is no spell check available, it is important to know and understand the correct spelling of words and how to be able to tell the difference between correct spellings and misspellings like the case with Separate vs. Seperate. If someone writes a story, article, blog post or something similar with multiple misspellings, it only comes across as unprofessional and unintelligent, which takes away from the credibility of the document.

It is unrealistic to think because of programs like spell check that learning how to spell correctly without assistance is an obsolete practice. There are still enough occasions where one has to write something by hand and must know how to spell certain words so they can maintain a professional and intelligent method of writing. A good way to recognize these commonly misspelled words is to pay attention to the misspelled word when it is highlighted within a word document. When you employ the assistance of the spell check to fix the spelling errors, pay attention to the correct spelling after spell check has changed it. This will help you remember which words you have a difficult time knowing how to spell so you can better recall the correct form of spelling the next time you need to write it out.
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