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Education City Review

For parents and teachers looking for additional online resources, check out our Education City review to learn more about this leading online educational tool. is a award-winning online teaching and learning resource open to the use of any interested parent or teacher. 

In this Education City review, we are taking a look at one of the web's leading educational resources. For many parents and teachers that are continually looking for new ways to expand their children and student's learning tools, Education City seems to be a great feature to help enhance the learning curriculum for elementary students of all ages. In our Education City review, we are going over what has to offer and how this website can benefit teachers and parents alike. 

What is Education City?

Education City is a website and online resource dedicated to assisting parents and educators of elementary students with learning and development. According to the website, Education City is award-winning and a web-based modular resource for teachers to help educate their students. The program works by adhering to the standards mapped out for each individual state in areas like English, Math, Science and Spanish Math. The animated activities are designed to support student engagement and achievement. In addition to these learning games and online educational resources, there are data-focused teacher features, which help ensure lessons are aligned to the correct curriculum standards. The data tools also monitor student achievements and highlight the potential weaknesses of each student. Education City can be accessed via the Internet or district VLE, so the lessons can be accessed from anywhere. This is a particularly useful tool for parents who homeschool educate their children.

How can I use Education City?

By subscribing to the services Education City has to offer, teachers can assign work to their students through the website or help their students engage in the lessons directly on the website. There are innovative learning activities ready to be had with Education City allowing students to learn through visual stimulation and interactivity.  Conveniently there is also a free trial available on the Education City website. This free trial allows parents and teachers to discover if Education City is a useful educational resource for them to use in teaching their children and students. Simply check out the website and signup to Education City to get started. There are so many teacher resources on Education City that are designed to help including information for special education, technical training as well as teachers forums. 

Who should use Education City?

Parents and teachers of elementary-age children and students will find a useful tool and education asset in Education City. Unfortunately it is a pay site, so you have to be willing to shell out a few bucks to access all that Education City has to offer. However, you do get the chance to use the free trial first to make sure Education City is something you want to spend your money on. When it comes to finding similar educational resources online in other places, it is possible. Lots of websites have free worksheets and curriculum tools. However, sometimes it can be daunting to continually scour the Internet in search of these types of educational tools. If you do not  have that kind of time and want a service you can trust to be reliable. If you are a teacher and need the program for your entire class, there are discounts to be had working the price out at about $6 per student, which for many teachers is well worth the price. Parents who hire tutors to homeschool their children or homeschool teach their child themselves will find a useful amount of information to guide their child's curriculum. With the resources offered by Education City, you know your child is learning what they need to based on their grade and can have easy training sessions, free worksheets, homework assistance, testing information and more ready at your fingertips.

Be sure to check out the Education City website to learn more about this unique educational service and how to find out exactly what you can get out of the services and features Education City has to offer.