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Job ID: 20170407-532

Job Details / Description
Education Requirements: Bachelors

Education Specialist Instruction Credential or eligibility for an Intern credential (Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe)
Special education experience in public, non-public and/or at children's menta
Job Description: Oakes Children's Center is seeking a compassionate, patient, skilled classroom teacher to work in our school program, beginning August 1st, 2017. The Counseling Enriched Educational Program, or CEEP, at Oakes Children's Center is for students identified as having serious emotional disturbances, with some students having second classifications as Autism Spectrum and/or specific Learning Disabilities. Each classroom at Oakes is also staffed by a Classroom Clinician and two or more Classroom Counselors. This team of educational and mental health professionals create and maintain an environment in which children can develop and learn. While Oakes Children's Center runs an Elementary and Middle School program, ages 5-14 years, classroom groups are established by students' needs, not necessarily grade levels. A classroom will generally range from 4 to 8 students. General Responsibilities: Development and implementation of a therapeutic-educational plan for each child in his/her class, utilizing IEP goals (academic, behavioral, and mental health), CA State Content Standards, District requirements: Common Core and CDE regulations. This includes lesson planning and defining curriculum in the following areas: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, P.E., and Health (K-5 only). As the case manager, he/she collaborates with the clinician to ensure the greatest benefit to the students. Supervision of students through implementation of Oakes' Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), individual Behavior Plans, IEP goals, etc. Ensuring that appropriate and required assessments are performed (for Triennial and Behavior Plans) and uploaded to SEIS. To assist in managing, coordinating and evaluating the work of the Classroom Counselors/Para-Educators and other paid and volunteer classroom staff. Documentation and communication around IEPs, lesson plans, testing, incident reports, attendance sheets, quarterly progress reports due when public schools send report cards, and point sheets. Communication and coordination of student progress and placement with the school district. Point of contact in the classroom to parents, guardians, casa workers, parole officers, etc. regarding IEPs, behavior, academic updates, and education rights. Other Responsibilities include but are not limited to: To manage the classroom budget, purchase supplies, and submit expense records with receipts. To plan and direct lunch and recess activities, in coordination with support staff. To structure and direct periods when children select their own activities. To participate in preparation and writing of various reports: beginning and end of year assessments, parent-staff goals, daily progress notes, case conference reports, prescriptive plans, incident reports, quarterly report cards for SFUSD, end-of-year reports. To complete each by due date as posted by School Director. To know and understand the goals of each child in the group and the plans for achieving them. To read, familiarize, and comprehend the medical charts and educational records of each child in the group within the first two weeks of employment and on-going thereafter. To participate in all staff development activities provided by Oakes, including team meetings with clinicians, School Director, Executive Director, consultations with medical director, and in-service training provided by School Director, head teachers and outside consultants. To arrange once each year a half-day visit to observe another program, alternating between facilities for atypical children and integrated programs. To follow each visitation with a report of observations and impressions to full staff. To establish and maintain a positive relationship with parents which supports the children in achieving their goals. To participate with team members in individual and/or group conferences at Oakes with parents, guardians, advocates, and outside agency representatives. To participate in parent programs as applicable for parents of your group (Parent Pot Luck, school assemblies, etc.). To communicate in writing and personally as needed and/or assigned to insure integration of each child and the class into the overall operations of Oakes Children's Center. To effectively and professionally collaborate daily with team members to ensure full exchange of information regarding each child's progress and needs. To coordinate daily and weekly planning to promote the full development of each child's program and successful implementation of each student's IEP. To prepare, with other team members, a summary of each child's progress for inclusion in medical charts and education records at time of termination or at end of the year. This job description is not all inclusive. Other duties not listed may be required. TO APPLY PLEASE VISIT THE LINK BELOW:
Pay Rate:
Pay Type: Bi-weekly
Expires: Jun 29, 2017
City San Francisco 
State California 
Zip 94110
Job Category: Administration
Contact Details
Name: Sanda
Company /ORG: Oakes Children's Center
Address: 1550 Treat Avenue
  San Francisco , California 94110
Phone: 4156418000
Website: -

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